Chinese tech firms look to CES as a launchpad for the U.S.

LAS VEGAS — All the big names in the tech world have flocked to Las Vegas for the annual CES conference. But this year, the A-list includes some names that most Americans may not know. Huge Chinese firms have taken high-profile spots at the show, despite having little brand recognition in the United States — a fact that they're trying to change at the tech industry's annual confab.

Huawei, which is one of the world's largest smartphone manufacturers, has been tapped to make a keynote speech at the show — a coveted spot that in past years was filled by firms such as Intel and Microsoft. Manufacturer TCL made a splash by relaunching the BlackBerry, complete with keyboard. And Xiaomi, a smartphone maker that once made headlines for poaching one of Google's top Android executives, made its CES debut this year to much fanfare.

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